Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So, All Those 'Paranoid' Emails Were Correct?

I've been getting them for many months, more than a year, and simply deleting them.

"Hillary Backs Global Gun Ban!"

"Join Rand Paul To Stop UN Gun Grab!"

I just deleted them.

But it seems that might have been premature.  From the Washington Times:

UN arms treaty will harm us, let others go free.


The UN is coming for your guns.

Yet another reason to turn both houses of congress, as well as the Presidency, into GOP strongholds, in November, AND to hold their feet to the flames to be SURE that treaty does not even see the light of Senatorial day, much less be ratified.

AND, if any judge nominated by Romney is anything other than a strict constructionist, it will be time to bury the White House in Emails, telegrams and phone calls.

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  1. We'll just pay attention to those UN Mandates like everyone else does.