Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Islamic Supremacists

I was going to put this on the Israeli Tour Bus Bombing thread, but instead decided it was important enough to have its own.

It was written by Andrew McCarthy, leader of the prosecution team of the murderous 'Blind Sheikh' and his followers after the first World Trade Center bombing.

What he says here has a great deal of importance now.  Especially in light of the seeming (and seemingly ignored or condoned by too many in the US government) infiltration of muslim Brotherhood supporters into the upper levels of US policy-makers.

The main thrust, to me, is his description of islamic Supremacists:

"(a) Not all Islamic supremacists (or “Islamists”) are violent, but the goal of all Islamic supremacists is the same: to coerce the acceptance of sharia. The methods of pursuing that goal vary: sometimes terrorism is used, sometimes non-violent avenues are exploited — meaning, Islamic supremacists co-opt legal processes, the media, educational institutions, and/or government agencies. But regardless of what methods an Islamic supremacist uses, his goal never changes: He aims to implement sharia. In Islamic supremacist ideology, sharia is regarded as the mandatory, non-negotiable foundation that must be laid before a society can be Islamized. Sharia is not “moderate”; therefore, you are not a “moderate” if you want it, no matter what method you use to implement it. For example, if you are an Islamic supremacist and you want to repeal the First Amendment in order to prohibit speech that casts Islam in a negative light, you are not a “moderate” — even if you wouldn’t blow up buildings to press your point.
(b) Islamic supremacism is not a fringe interpretation of Islam. It is probably still the minority interpretation in North America. Nevertheless, it is the predominant interpretation of Islam in the Middle East. Poll after poll shows us that upwards of two-thirds of Muslims in countries like Egypt and Pakistan want their governments to adopt and strictly enforce sharia. This is why the Islamic supremacist parties in the “Arab Spring” countries are currently enjoying such success in elections."

This is, in fact, an existential war, and until such time as the members of our government acknowledge, and react appropriately to this, the Supremacists are winning that war.

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