Monday, July 2, 2012

A Good Week, Continued, With a Response

My dear friends, I apologize for the delay in this reponse to the many thoughtful comments to my original post below, but unfortunately we were caught in the "land hurricane" that affected most of Virginia, leaving us without water or power.  We have evacuated to a hotel in West Virginia, where everyone is fine, though the glaring and obvious incompetence of these East Coast public officials is quite upsetting.  Bankrupt state or no, if California public officials had reacted to a major earthquake the way these time-servers have responded to 1.4 million without power, we would have hung them.

In any case, I am now, finally, able to properly respond.

First, I would like to thank all of my old online friends here for putting their money where their mouths are and supporting free speech and an open forum.  This means quite a lot to me and speaks very well of you all.

Second, there was a lot of disturbing references to my post as advocating "racial superiority" or "genetic purity" of some kind.   This sort of thing happens whenever a European-American speaks forthrightly of his or her people.  The Congressional Black Caucus organizes on the basis of race, yet no one demands that they define "black" with scientific specificity.  Even though we know that most American blacks have some (or a lot) of European blood in them. Nor are there demands made of the Asian caucus for definitions.  After all, where does "Asia" end?  Are Uzbeks entitled to sit with them?  Georgians? Omanis? 

This is a non-issue.  We are not god-damn German national socialists.  We are not seeking some sort of "racial purity" or some such utopian nonsense.  "White" Americans know who they are, we know who they are, and everyone knows who they are, just as black Americans know who they are and if they happen to be half-European-American/half-Kenyan black and identify as black, well, so be it.

There is a strong tendency to bring all this ancient WWII baggage to bear against my people.  It is especially frustrating as we not only had NOTHING whatsoever to do with that crazy European jihad for genetic purity, we in large part helped put it down like a rabid dog.

Similarly, "superiority" has nothing to do with anything.  We are a distinct people, with a right to rule ourselves as we see fit, as will sustain our existence as a people; this preference for our own kind does not in the least mean we are "superior" to others.  I frankly don't care of we're ranked number 1 or 532 on the superiority scale:  I still would rather have our own nation than live under the rule of hostile aliens.

Third, the culture issue.  You know, I'm not sure where race ends and culture begins, and like with the superiority issue above, I don't give two flying fudges about this pointless academic exercise.  Perhaps the Germans out-do all other Europeans because they lucked into an excellent culture and if you replaced a polity that was 100 percent German with one that was 25 percent German but otherwise Germanic in culture and it performed the same, well, perhaps that is true.

Again, I do not care. 

Even if our people's relative advantages/disadvantages to others has nothing to do with race and is all cultural, even so, it doesn't change a thing.

The readily observable FACT is that black America and other non-European-Americans don't give a damn about your adherence to an inclusive form of Americanism.  To them, it's all to do with race.  All they say, all they do, all they think and all they ARE can be reduced to "blackedy-black-black-black-blackerson'.  Period.

Try to find a blog--somewhere, anywhere--by any black person even remotely concerned about his/her American ties with European-Americans.  They don't exist. 

THEY say we oppress them.  THEY say that our very presence retards their development and harms their children.

Very well, we say. 


Leave us be.

We want nothing further to do with them.

As the USG continues its amazing decline--here we are actually discussing a situation in which the President has successfully physically intimidated a sitting Supreme Court justice to changing his vote at the last minute!--the truth will shine in all its glorious beauty: we are a unique people, with our own language, culture, mores, norms, laws and traditions.  We are a nation. 

We shall establish our own nation here, in our homeland, and THAT has nothing to do with genetic purity, old Nazi propaganda, racial superiority or other nonsense.


  1. Jourdan - First I am glad that all are well, there.

    Second - Will come later.

  2. Jourdan, I too am glad you and your family have found a safe place to stay, out of the heat, and I hope you'll be able to return home soon. It doesn't surprise me that the grid went down. Again. And stayed down. Our infrastructure is crumbling everywhere. It's depressing...we may as well be living in some third world sh*thole.

    I hear your anger and your frustration loud and clear. Let me sort my thoughts, and I'll formulate a response when my brain finishes clanking and clunking.

  3. OK, Second - I'd not consider you a 'supremacist' in any sense of the term, or even a separatist, given where you work and what you do.

    In many ways, I feel the same, in that I see what is happening in this country, among those of 'other races' who seem to feel that all that is wrong with them is our fault, and I also see it spilling over into acts of racial violence that are rapidly approaching anything done by the KKK a century ago.

    At this point, I don't know what to believe about it all. I only know that while I may be very comfortable in a one-to-one situation with people of other races, there are too many acts of senseless violence for me to feel that way when there are many near me.

    This came home to me a few years ago, when I drove my son into Pittsburgh, PA to go to the Children's Hospital there, and found myself lost in a mostly black neighborhood as evening began to fall. The few pedestrians who noticed my sons and my white face as we drove by did not look welcoming in any way. I was finally able to bring myself to go into a convenience store where a very helpful older black man gave me easily-followed directions to get back to I79.

    Now, was I being paranoid about things that day? Perhaps and perhaps not.

    I know you are not speaking merely of inter-racial violence, but also (even mostly, perhaps) of the different sort of violence being done to the Euro-American culture by those who appear to have different, well sensibilities seems a realistic description.

    All that being said, I still feel I can happily welcome those others into the culture of America so long as I believe that they are willing and able to revere that culture as much as I do.

  4. ...there was a lot of disturbing references to my post as advocating "racial superiority" or "genetic purity" of some kind.

    Sorry to disturb you Jourdan but when you spout about white nationalism the ONLY thing that "disturbs" me (to put it midly) is that the acronym NAZI is formed from the German equivalent (Nationalsozialismus)of National Socialism. Like Dances, I do not believe you are a "supremist" but for someone in the position you are, who works for the organisation you do, the lack of language diplomacy astounds me.

    The readily observable FACT is that black America and other non-European-Americans don't give a damn about your adherence to an inclusive form of Americanism. To them, it's all to do with race. All they say, all they do, all they think and all they ARE can be reduced to "blackedy-black-black-black-blackerson'. Period.

    My, that's a huge brushstroke. I'm frankly offended by that statement.

  5. With regards to my work, I am a professional. My client deserves, and receives, my full professional support. While I have in my individual capacity come to the conclusion that this government made a gigantic error in 1965 and has become fundamentally ideological rather than nationlistic in its institutions, behaviors and outlook, this individual judgment has no bearing on my position or my performance. I suppose it might if I were in some sort of policy-making role, but I am a very lowly worker bee.

    If the time came when I was unable to be professional in that regard, I would do the right thing.

    However, one interesting facet of this issue is that I'm plugged in to what USG is doing all over the world on a daily basis. This has rendered me more sure in my judgment, not less. Nevertheless, I would say that of my colleagues at work, I am many, many times more likely to leave my personal politics out of the workplace; many times more likely than the average Obama partisan, I can tell you that.

    Fay, I'm still not certain why you continue to link all nationalism with German national socialism. Yes, too much nationalism is dangerous. But so is too much water, too much air, too much food or the misuse of fire. There is a real difference between love of one's people and nation and an ultra-aggressive nationalism that wants to conquer and destroy.

    My judgment as to non-European-Americans' views on the national question has been formed by many decades of watching it. If you are aware of a black figure in America, who enjoyes respectability among his peers, arguing that black political organization by race is wrong, must be ended and that we are all Americans first and only, I'd like to hear of it. It has appeared to me that if any black says such a thing they are immediately considered non-black, i.e. Justice Thomas, etc.

    But the issue in not simply just the old issue of blacks in America. This "my race first" approach is also exhibited by latinos, east asians, south asians, persians, arabs, etc. All of their political leaders shimmer with anti-European-American resentment and, of course, while you may not agree with me you must observe as an objective fact that ALL of these groups are organized in state legislatures and the Congress expressly on the basis of race. This means something, yes?

  6. Apologies for the login name confusion. The post by "Ian" above is from me!

  7. You know. I gotta say I was completely unaware that there is a Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, but gosh, there it is.

    I'll have to ask my Asian American wife if she knew there was a caucus in Congress acting on her behalf. Perhaps there's a newsletter or something she can get.

    I'm not unfamiliar with the topic - "political leaders [who] shimmer with anti-European-American resentment" aren't that prominent from what I can see. There are nuances, to be sure, with Japanese Americans who were in the camps - it's a generational thing; actually had a good discussion with my wife about this just the other day - but the wild thing is that everyone in Hawaii knows the Japanese and the Philippinos don't get along, the Chinese don't like anybody but seem to marry everybody, etc... it's complex, and there isn't anything resembling a "bloc" of opinion.

    The CAPAC looks like just another Democratic creation. Not one I'm particularly worried about. I work with Asians all the time - both South and East - and I'm pretty sure they don't follow CAPAC or their "leaders" all that closely. I know! Let's ask Michelle Malkin!

    [I can't think of a black blogger who appreciates the American culture with respect to their fellow (European) Americans - there was one nice young woman a few years ago who Instapundit linked to quite often. With respect to "Asians and Pacific Islanders" (LOL), well, there's Michelle, and although diminutive, she packs a wallop.

    (My last boss at my last job at [BigComputerChipCo] was Persian. Nice guy. Dad worked in the Shah's govt. Had about an hour to pack one fine day to flee the country. Burning resentment to white people? None except Jimmy Carter. Same kinda background as Rudi Bakhtiar... who's still looking fine, I see... stopped watching CNN after she left - I mean, why?)

    I would go so far as to say the problems with these groups are a) larger with each other than with "European Americans", and b) the only serious problems are with blacks, hispanics and arabs, roughly in that order. Each of these is in turn different.

    The "blackety-black comment wasn't the most judicious use of language but sadly in my experience it is approximately correct. As in, while I've got uniformly positive experiences with working with people of other races, it doesn't carry as far as working with the black folks. The resentment schtick is endemic and it is a downer. At best. And so, although nobody talks about this, and I have no direct knowledge of any decisions, my gut says that it is increasingly common to avoid hiring them where at all possible.

  8. Good grief. What about Allen West? Mia Love? Bobby Jindal? Marco Rubio? What about folks who blog anonymously, like Another Black Conservative? Have you read Kevin Jackson's blog? Seen a video by Alfonso Rachel?

    Fay is right. The brush is way too broad, and I reject it.

    I would NEVER refuse to hire or refuse to work with someone because they are a darker/lighter color than me, or abide by a another religion. That's ridiculous, and against everything that I am.

    I WILL refuse to hire/work with someone who has a racial attitude, a seething resentment for people unlike them, or a big ol' chip on their shoulder.

    I don't like clumping into racial groups. I won't do it. My tribe is people who THINK like I do, who hold dear my values and morals, and who are independent and self-reliant.

    It used to scare me a little; the thought of bands of white nationalists (or black nationalists, or Mexican nationalists, etc) coming after my family, friends, and I'm getting angry. Bring it. I will stand with my family and friends against you, and against any group who professes to judge us for our various skin colors rather than our commitment to this culture and the American dream.

    I understand your anger Jourdan (and others), but I don't understand the base reaction. Surely we can do better, and create a more intelligent pathway out of this mess.

    Sorry if I rambled. This stuff shakes me up.