Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wherever You Are

Thanks and H/T to Selsey.Steve who tells us:
Choir Master Gareth Malone, a most unassuming sort, took the wives of British Servicemen serving in Afghanistan and moulded them into an amazing choir. The choir performed at the British Legion Festival of Remembrance, HM The Queen was in attendance.
The song was composed using lines from the letters the men and their wives had written to each other and is expected to be the top-selling song this Christmas here in the UK.


  1. Forgot to mention to have the kleenex box handy before watching...

  2. Oh. Wow.

    I think the right side is winning.

  3. Oh my. You definitely need a hankie for this one. Thanks, Steve.

  4. I did okay until the Welcome Home Daddy sign. The kids get to me every time. Fay, could you please pass the kleenex this way?

    Thanks for this wonderful contribution Selsey.Steve. I can't think of a song more worthy of the #1 Christmas spot.

  5. That was glorious.
    And tear-inspiring.

    My deepest personal thanks to the soldiers of the United Kingdom, and their wonderful spouses, who know and live daily with a fear that is really, beyond the comprehension of most of us.

    My thanks and great respect to our own Air Force Wife, who lives with the same.

    Thank you all for turning this fear and longing into beauty.

  6. I'm glad that you all enjoyed the song. I get a speck of dust in my eye every time I watch it.
    If you watch it on Youtube, there's the whole three-part TV series available in the right-hand side bar. Each episode is split into two, so there are six parts in all.
    Kleenex recommended there, too.
    Steve from Selsey, West Sussex.

  7. Here are the links to the three-part TV series, each part is split into four pieces, not two as I said earlier.
    Please have a look; for the very first time I actually realised what a Service Wife has to go through when her man is away in an active war.
    Gareth Malone is an unsung (sorry) hero!

    First program

    Second Program

    Third Program