Friday, December 2, 2011

Let The Christmas Music Begin

O Holy Night.

This sends shivers down my spine. Beautiful.

I hope no one minds that I am repeating the Christmas music posts from last year. And if anyone has new requests just say so!


  1. I'm glad you posted this again, I thought it sounded familiar. It's just lovely, their voices meld so well together and they have a nice chemistry between them.

    Gosh, where has the year gone?

  2. Choir Master Gareth Malone, a most unassuming sort, took the wives of British Servicemen serving in Afghanistan and moulded them into an amazing choir. The choir performed at the British Legion Festival of Remembrance, HM The Queen was in attendance.
    The song was composed using lines from the letters the men and their wives had written to each other and is expected to be the top-selling song this Christmas here in the UK.
    Rightly so, I think. Have a look and listen.

  3. Thanks Steve, I've put it up on the front page.

  4. Thank you for kicking off the Christmas tunes Fay! I love this. Christmas music is so uplifting. :)