Friday, October 14, 2011

Calm Down, Kid!

Thanks to this video, I now understand why the OWSers are defecating on police cars and having sex in public. {NSFW or kids}

Drugs! And not the good ones, either.


  1. This young man is either on a bad trip or not wrapped too tight.

  2. Sally Jesse Raphael wants her glasses back.

  3. Holy shit! What happened to the mellow drugs?

    Sally Jesse Raphael wants her glasses back.


    She looks EXACTLY like the older daughter in The Great Santini.

  4. Which evil corporate tool made whatever they taped their sob-fest on? And who bought it for them?

  5. Oh good grief. How proud their parents must be.

    "Come and join us"

    Think I'll pass, thanks all the same.

    Sally Jesse Raphael wants her glasses back.

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

  6. sjr. omg.


    I don't know if it's drug _taking_ that's the problem here... It looks more like benzodiazepine withdrawal to me. Somebody refill these kids' Xanan 'scrip, _stat_.

    #occupy has descended on Portland, in easy walking distance to my apartment. Maybe I'll post a report soon.

  7. #4 SJR glasses in Lewy's link are totally the ones!

    Go ask them what they want Lewy!

    Then ask them if they want you to pay for it.

  8. Go ask them what they want Lewy!

    I'll see what I can do. I think I'll wait for the daylight, though...

    In the meantime I have to go do my homework. My wife is doing hers and she told me to stop surfing and get working.

    Thing is, her homework is drawing cartoons... mine is doing math... something's somewhat less than equitable here, can't quite put my finger on it...

  9. Thing is, her homework is drawing cartoons... mine is doing math... something's somewhat less than equitable here, can't quite put my finger on it...

    That's seriously messed up, man. Why should you get have all the fun!

  10. Also must stop reading Maru's blog.

    Very cute. How do you navigate to older posts? I'm a little scared to click on anything.

  11. In the spirit of the flea-baggers, the boys an I are camping out in our kitchen this morning and demanding breakfast.

    Something yummy, like pancakes.

    With butter and real maple syrup.

    And some sliced up bananas.

    And strawberries. No- blueberries. No- strawberries AND blueberries.

    We'll remain here, united, until our demands are met!

  12. Occupy The Kitchen, minute 5 update-

    We are continuing our peaceful (mostly, the 2yo and 6yo are fighting at the moment- they must be hungry or something) occupation. We will not leave until we have some delicious mixed-organic-berry pie and fresh-squeezed free range orange juice.

  13. OTK- minute 15

    Greedy corporate wife/mommy continues to ignore our demands. We are left with no choice but to get out the pots and pans and bang on them-in a peaceful rhythmic fashion of course- until we get hand-made transfat-free doughnuts.

  14. OTK/Arkansas

    Noah: Pancakes are a human right! Put the greedy mommies out of business! Redistribute the (not made) doughnuts!

    lady red: [yawn] I'm going back to bed. There's cereal in the cupboard.

  15. OTK- minute 16

    Greedy corporate fascist mommy told us that if we don't stop the racket and put everything back, NEATLY- the ways it was, we'll all spend the rest of the day occupying the corner. I will urge my fellow protesters to remain vigilant to our cause- all-natural non-genetically-modified whole grain waffles!

  16. Alphie, we're laughing at the antics of you and your boys. :))

  17. OTK- minute 17

    Updates will resume after a 15-minute time-out

  18. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I would participate in OTK, but I walked in and realized that I was the 1% of people who create food in this house.

  19. Oh! Also - bragging time! Evil Blond Child and Surly Teenager just finished their first ever 5K! EBC came in at 29:30 and ST finished at 28:30. Apparently, "Don't leave your sister behind," became "EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES! TIMES COUNT!"

    ST crossed the finish and immediately threw a snit that her time was "too slow."

  20. OTK update. We regained our ground in the kitchen and have continued our demands. GCFM attempted to appease us with pre-packaged, artificially-flavored, profit-enriched cereal products, but we not not give in to-

  21. Dammit. The boys are feasting on the Froot Loops and Cookie Crisp that magically appeared on the table.if GCFM thinks her corrupt offering can weaken our will she's in for a shock.

    So hungry- maybe I'll have a quick bite. This is but a small blow to the cause, though. We will regroup and continue our demands this afternoon.

    Or tomorrow, maybe.

  22. afw- yeah, truth is I'm in the 1% as well. Saturday has been officially designated as "dad makes breakfast" for the last few years. It was previously known as "dad goes out to get bagels saturday", but that got too expensive (bagels aren't cheap anymore).
    So I actually spent a good part of the morning cutting up strawberries & bananas and cooking up crepes. I used to just do pancakes and waffles, but I started experimenting a bit and found that I can make some pretty decent crepes. Mrs. Alphie loves them, and even my oldest (7yo) likes them. Littlest just likes the bananas. I managed to get middle-boy to eat them by introducing whipped cream.
    Mmmm... crepes with whipped cream.

    I'll have to try making fresh whipped cream next time.

  23. Congrats to EBC and ST on their FE5K!!!

    Yeah, sticking together is for daily training runs. Races are for times. You really can't expect much more than sticking together for the first half or so. Maybe up to the last 400 yards at best. After that it's time to see who's got it in them to kick butt.

    I've long recovered from my running addiction.

    (My name is Alphie- "Hi Alphie."- and it's been 21 years since my last 10k.)

  24. - This concludes the Alphie posting power-hour -

  25. Alphie, LOL! You made me smile this morning with all your comments :)

  26. I love Maru! I WANT Maru!!!

  27. In the spirit of the flea-baggers, the boys an I are camping out in our kitchen this morning and demanding breakfast.


    Leave off the fruit and I'm totally with you in your collective demands :-)

  28. fresh-squeezed free range orange juice.

    Stop! I'm dying here!!!

  29. See what happens when I sleep in? I miss all the FUN.

    I did leave my Maru comment last night but it disappeared somehow...

    And congratulations to afgirls!

  30. BTW, I love your thread title, lady red.

  31. I'm so glad I came back and checked on this thread. I think Alphie's narration of the events at Kitchen Zero will go down in history. Pure awesomeness.

    I'd like to point out again that it was AF Girls running, and not AFW. Because I don't. At all. HATE. I only run if there are zombies chasing me.

    Evil Blond Child wants to do a triathlon next. After her fight next Saturday, that is. BTW - I had fight t-shirts made for her.

  32. And - now I want crepes. Banana ones. WANT.

  33. And - now I want crepes. Banana ones. WANT.

    Well, come on over some Saturday morning.

    I could mail some to you, but I'm not sure how well they'd hold up. The crepes themselves would probably mail just fine- they're already flat, but the bananas... probably not so good.

    Truth is I just learned how to make crepes this year. The first few tries- not so good. I never really anything beyond pancakes and waffles (from a mix) so making crepes from scratch was a pretty big step for me. It was a steep learning curve; one the first batch I made the mistake of adding the vanilla extract to the dry mix (I didn't realize that there'd be a few big clumps of vanilla). Now though... not to pat myself on the back too hard, but my crepes rock. Then again, I think Eggo waffles are delicious, so my tastes may not be quite as refined as most.

    My next breakfast challenge is Aebelskiver (sp?) but that's a story for another day.

  34. Yeah, those rich people shouldn't have yachts. And the people who build the yachts won't have jobs. Or does the kid not think that far? (Don't worry, I already know the answer.)

  35. Have you all been on the OWS forum yet? 99 percent insane, but I've met a couple of them that are basically the other side of me on side issues but agree on the bailouts and such. Few and far between but they're there.

    (don't worry guys and gals, haven't changed, still a conservative catholic who just wants to be left alone by .gov.):-P

  36. Well, thank gawd for that, RWC!

    And I have to say "Bravo!" to Alphie for making crepes. I think that's just awesome. Like afw, I love them too but I've never tried making them (even though I've watched the omelet episode of Julia Child several times).

  37. Hi RWC! Glad to hear that you're still among the sane, LOL! Thanks for the first-hand report from the OWSer forum; you're a brave man. ;)

    Breitbart outed the crazy kid in the video as a trust-fund baby. I'm shocked out of my shoes.

    Speaking of crepes, my mom used to make German pancakes when I was a girl; crepes rolled up with butter and cinnamon sugar...oh, they were delicious! :)

  38. Mmmm, we'd have "Swedish pancakes" - pancakes with butter and sugar and then rolled up.

    Yum, yum!

    lady red, those German pancakes sound scrumptious.

  39. RWC - I don't think that's unusual. I mean, I am pro-life, but I find the tactics of some of the "mainstream" pro-life groups (including several Catholic ones) to be very distasteful and counterproductive, even though we agree on the abortion issue at base. And as someone whose second pregnancy was supported through PP visits (and was never approached to use abortion, and was absolutely supported in my decision for home delivery, even though it was illegal in CA at the time, and was given far more individual attention by PP nurse-pratctitioners than I was by a doctor), I really find the Planned Parenthood debate a lot more complicated than it is presented by EITHER side. You have NO idea how much shit I get from people on both sides when I put that little thought out there.

    And I understand the frustration of people who feel like they can't get ahead no matter what they do - those who are too busy scraping by to join OWS, but feel slighted by "the corporations". I understand, even if I don't agree with their solution. I can see how someone I would normally consider rational would end up caught up in the hubbub.

    But I do like to point out to rational people that having multi-hundred-millionaires like Russell Simmons visit the OWS camps and be all, "I support you! I'm one of you!" is totally ridiculous and hypocritical. The movement would have a lot more credence to me if they spat on the bourgeoisie-pretenders to the people's throne like Sarandon, Moore, and Simmons (oh, and Kanye West).

    I also don't appreciate when the answer to my point is, "But blah blah blah Tea Party! Blah blah blah Michelle Bachman!" Because I can't stand Michelle Bachman, personally. So since I'm not the embodiment of the Tea Party, the argument holds no water with me, personally. I can only control my own actions.

    In any case, I've found I can't really discuss politics with anyone, anymore. Even though I sometimes do.

    But crepes? Now THAT'S a super-awesome subject, right there.

  40. But oh yes, I *do* wish that the government would just LEAVE ME ALONE! Rather than give me crap every single year about homeschooling, I think the public schools should have to fulfill requirements *I* set, because my kids consistently score in the top 10% of standardized testing and theirs... don't.

    And they should have to answer to me about nutrition and exercise programs, because my kids are all athletically inclined while the childhood obesity epidemic is constantly touted. And my kids eat hot dogs and chips for dinner at least once a week.

    Obviously I'm doing something right, and they aren't.

    Or they can just shut the hell up and be glad that at least three kids in my county are getting a good education.