Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Way Back

Bill Wavering at Intellectual Conservative offers his own rebuttal to Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' which not only sounds like fun, and is guaranteed to drive "liberals/socialists/progressives" nuts, but might actually lead to the US turning away from the path we're now on, and making the first steps in a truly progressive journey - away from the statist mess we are now mired in.


  1. So.

    I was just at Whole Foods, getting some chicken salad and some soy milk, and the fresh faced young lad who was my cashier started chattering about the inherent worthlessness of the twenty dollar bill I handed him, and how it was so awesome that you could still get real stuff (e.g. chicken salad and soy milk) in exchange for worthless paper, and how that wouldn't always be the case.


    "Sea change" is I think the operative phrase here.

    Faster, please.

  2. Dances, that was very entertaining, and I took much of it to heart. I even giggled a few times. :)

    The scrolling sidebar on his blog is really cool, but the background exceeded my daily purple quota, LOL!