Sunday, May 9, 2010

Utah Ousts Bennett

An angry Utah delegation booed Senator Bob Bennett before unceremoniously dumping him in the gutter.  Voters are spitting mad at the three-term Republican senator's recent voting record:

Bennett was under fire for voting to bail out Wall Street, co-sponsoring a bipartisan bill mandating health insurance coverage and for aggressively pursuing earmarks.

Out with the old, and in with the new; one of Bennett's opponents, Mike Lee, had this to say:

"I will fight every day as your U.S. senator for limited government, to end the cradle-to-grave entitlement mentality, for a balanced budget, to protect our flag, our borders and our national security and for bills that can be read before they receive a final vote in congress," Lee said in his convention speech.

Sounds good to me.   We need clear-headed leaders to get us out of this mess, not doddering old fools like Bob Bennett.  Good job, Utah!


  1. I've read the comments on this story at the NY Times and elsewhere. The universal sentiment is that there are radicals afoot demanding ideological purity and that they will kill the Republican Party.

    Which is hilarious in that what you see here is a civics textbook example of an engaged constituency holding their representatives accountable for decisions that consituency finds, for good and honorable reasons, deeply repugnant.

    In the new and improved democratic America, one isn't really allowed to dump sitting Senators without being a rapid mob. Which is hilarious.

  2. The Republican Party (at the national level) is a joke. They lost me many years ago.

    I'm really angry at most incumbents. My congressman, John Boozman, is running for Blanche Lincoln's seat. He's conservative, he's honorable, he's honest, BUT...does he have the force of will to make a difference in the Senate? Is he a leader? He didn't exactly "lead" in the House; too quiet and laid back for my way of thinking.

    I'm still pondering. As an Indie, I can ask for either ballot in the primaries. I'm contemplating voting in the Dem primary, and casting my ballot for the blue dog Dem running for Lincoln's seat. I trust my fellow Arkies to choose the best Republican candidate, and with my vote, I can send a message to the left wing of the Democratic party.