Monday, April 5, 2010

There Will always Be A TransMarche Zone!

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  1. The bureaucrats are running amok all over the world, picking one of your pockets for their own financial gain and the other for stupid crap like this.

    It's beyond insane.

  2. Man I thought this must be April Fools. Ugh.

    There's another trans-national organization which describes geography in terms of regions, with an eye toward deprecating and erasing national boundaries.

    That organization is Al Qaida.

    Just sayin'.

  3. The Brits would never consider for a second such a ridiculous thing - I'm stunned that the public is footing the bill to the tune of a million pounds to study this! I can't believe the euroweenies had the cojones to suggest it in the first place.

    I'd laugh if it wasn't so cringe-inducingly pathetic.

    Fwenchify the White Cliffs of Dover? No frickin' way. My Bernard relatives from Cornwall must be turning in their graves.

  4. Blogger is wigging out. Comments are disappearing.

  5. Blogger does that. Usually it only eats the long, complex, well thought-out comments. You know, the ones you spend half an hour to write. You triumphantly hit "post" and pfft! Into thin air!

    Blogger burps in contentment, and waits for the next sucker.

  6. I want a couple million dollars! There really ought to be a study done to determine whether or not the Gulf of Mexico should be re-named Atlantic Ocean West. Why should it just be the Gulf of Mexico when the US has so much coast on it as well!

    Oh - and I vote that the English Channel be renamed the British Sea.