Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not just your ordinary boring ole window view

Fun! :OD


  1. You want to take me to San Francisco for your birthday?

    Fine with me :0)

  2. But really, an ad that shows a baby with a cord aroubd its neck attached to a heavy object, not such a smart idea.

  3. Wow, what will they come up with next!!!

  4. I know, floranista - fun, huh?
    I can think of a bazillion different scenes I'd love to see. I liked this idea so much I am thinking of finding something cool just to put up on the big screen. Just to run and look at ;O)

    So when is bday, Matt?

  5. mw, this is very cool.

    About seven years ago, I was working on a project at my former employer (who will go nameless in this post)...

    Basically the honest project description would have been "thinking up stuff to use all the compute power we're going to produce in the future and have no applications for".

    One of the apps I advocated / predicted was the virtual aquarium.

    Very easy to interact with (no complex game-play to learn), everyone likes to watch the fishies, and ever increasing realism in the rendering and modeling would consume compute power without limit.

    (In the demo I envisaged, you could have sharks swim by... then you'd "tap on the glass" (touch screen), and the shark would swim at you, jaws open, and head-butt the glass - and a sub-woofer would give the whole table a little jolt.)

    Glorified screen savers are the ultimate super-computer "killer app".

  6. I agrees about the baby. In fact, that box seems a little weird: "Hey Charlie, I gotta show you this neat thing I just got. But before you look at it, hang this around your neck."

  7. One of the apps I advocated / predicted was the virtual aquarium.
    That'd be SO fun. Fishies. Don't know why they are so hypnotic, but they really are.
    That segment where the shark swims by cracked me up, though what really got all the kids oooohing and aaaahing was the shots from space.
    I'm picturing entire virtual walls, with an aquarium scene where the floral wallpaper used to go :O)