Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Saint George's Day

April 23rd is Saint George's Day in England and this year, for the first time in over 400 years, a parade was held in London.
Mr Tudor-Pole also constructed the mobile crib that carried the lamb. “It’s made of English oak with copper bars and a silver plaque to St George. We call it the lamb-bourghini.”


  1. lam-bourghini, lol!!! What took them so long?

    (although I don't know if St. George has really been taken over by the "right wing", hmmmph)

    "Elizabeth Martin, who will return the lamb to its owner, said that it was an ordeal finding an appropriate lamb because it has to be authorised for movement.

    It also caused havoc in Armourers Hall. “It has been running around and peeing all over the place,” she said."


    Happy St. George's Day, Fay. Wonderful post, it really put a smile on my face.

  2. how did the "b" fall out of lamb? I blame Mauro.

  3. Thanks florrie, I thought the article was hilarious too! I love the lamb-bourghini maker's name: Mr. Tom Tudor-Pole LOL!

    As a clarification, when they refer to being taken over by the right wing, they mean the BNP (white supremist party)who use the flag as one of their symbols etc.

  4. Ah, thanks for the clarification, Fay, that makes much more sense then.

    I missed Mr. Tom Tudor-Pole altogether, lmao!!!!

  5. Ah, I wondered about the "right wing" thing. TY, Fay.

    Funny article! Happy St. Geo's Day everyone!

  6. I've never really thought of the BNP as white supremicist but yes they certainly have adopted St George. Their rise is directly linked to Labours dreadful immigration policies. Their members are white working class.

    We've never really celebrated it because until now this was always Britain. But with the slow demise of the Union thanks to Labour's devolution policies in Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales indulging minor league seperatism and bigotry, there has been much anger that England doesn't have IT'S own Parliament and yet we continue through our taxes to fund Scotland NI and Wales. As a result there has been a rise in English nationalism and Id associate the Movement for an English Parliament with St George's cross more than the BNP. But papers dont like to cover that.

    I don't write British on any forms now. I write English. I expect, along with the rise of St Georges Day to 'compete' with St Patricks and all that nationalist nonsense, there will be no Union in 20 years time.

    Sorry to sound negative but whilst I celebrate St Georges Day it is only to make a point about nationalism and why we should celebrate ours - since we have to endure St Patricks celebrations in our capital but no English celebration has been considered. Deep down I find it all very sad.

    Bye bye Union Jack, bye bye Great Britain.

  7. Interesting insight, alison. I thought there may be nationalist sentiments behind the resurrection of old St. George.

    I read the other day that Detroit is bulldozing entire dilapidated neighborhoods and tightening their city limit signs to a manageable area. Will we see entire countries doing the same? Will England cut loose Wales, Scotland, and Ireland?

  8. Alison, I just read your post over at The Dirty Martini.

    Gentle hugs to you, little sistah. And to Alex. My heart hurts for the both of you.

    I respect your decision to mothball your blog. I've enjoyed your writing and your photography; you express yourself so beautifully. If you ever have the urge to publish, you can always do it here. We can add you on as a contributor in two seconds flat. Just remember that you're always welcome with open arms.

    {{{alison and alex}}}

  9. alison, I just read it also and I echo lady red's comments. We would certainly love to have you as a contributor here if you ever feel like it.

    Take care.

  10. Thanks to you both

    Im just hurting too much at the moment to know what to think or do. My writing's a mess. All I really want is to start a family and seal our happiness. I never knew that pregnancy could be so ugly. This feels like a horror show I have no control over. But I appreciate the sentiment, so thanks again.

  11. Oh, Lord. Alison and Alex, I just read this. I am so sorry for you both.

    As to adoption, it does not lessen the pain you are feeling now, but both of my children are adopted, and I recommend it.

  12. Thanks for your kind thoughts DWT

    Please excuse my language here but in this article i point you too this rotten bitch has written a piece which kind of embodies the whole issue - please read the comments for more sense in particular from TetleyTeaMan and Toque (who runs a great blog and champions our desire for an English Parliament)

    This is why we don't get to celebrate - because people like this Leftist cow insists it is wrong for us to do so - racist, "little Englander" eg BNP" while happily indulging devolution for Scotland Wales etc and other saints days eg St Patricks she now pretends it is US who bring about the end of the Union. The sheer stupidity of the Left.

    Truly we are the most hated people in the world. Makes me very sad. And one day, as I see it now, we will be reduced back to our sum of parts, back to a small inconsequential island in the North Atlantic - just as people want us to be. Whether or not that is a good thing for the world as a whole I don't know but I cannot see France & Germany being as "fair play" as this island has been when it comes to stepping up to the plate.

  13. Oh, Alison, that's awful. I'm so sorry.

  14. Alison, I could not get past the snide, snotty & supercilious opening paragraphs to read the rest of her drivel.

    But really, what would you expect from the Manchester Guardian, a newspaper founded on hatred and loathing for all things English?

  15. Hi Allison, I just read your blog and wanted to add my empathy for what you are both going through. Best thoughts are with you.

  16. Oh dear, I spelled it like my niece's name, sorry Alison.

    I'm going to slink off now.

  17. Unfortunately that Guardianista attitude holds sway politically. I only wish it was confined to an article I could ignore.

    Thank you Floranista

    All the best to you all. If you ever want to get in touch (as Im not sure I will leave my blog up) my email address is

  18. ^^^^^^^
    Thar be spam ... although cleverly worded. :D

    1. Thar be no more spam. I dieded it.