Sunday, April 25, 2010

BGT - watch Simon's jaw drop

How cool are these kids? Incredible! :OD


  1. My goodness, they're fantastic!

  2. Wow, they WERE fantastic!! Thank heavens no one got dropped! When was this? I know Simon is doing American Idol right now, he must fly back between episodes.

    Now don't take this the wrong way, perhaps it was the music or the outfits, but I halfway expected to see Caligula stroll out from stage left at the end :-)

  3. Linky no worky anymore, but I found it on youtube here:

    That WAS incredible - thanks for posting it!

  4. Dang, those copyright hounds are busy, huh?

    Aren't those kids darling, too? A couple of them look like little angels ;O)